3 Tools You Have At Your Fingertips For Cashflow During Crisis

3 Tools You Have At Your Fingertips For Cashflow During Crisis

It’s hard not to panic about your business right now. I get it. You may have just been told by the government that you have to close your shop doors. Or perhaps your company is dispersed and working from home and that for you feels incredibly hard to manage. Or maybe you came in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 and now you are in self-isolation…

Many businesses are struggling to come to terms with what is happening globally right now. The first thing I would encourage you is to step back, take a deep breath and tune into resilience. You can and will get through this.

But from a practical perspective, I want to help you understand the three things that you have at your fingertips that can help you keep the doors of your business open to the world, keep your teams connected and your customers nurtured and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home…

Your Website

Your website is one of the most valuable possessions you now own when it comes to your business assets. Your website allows you the freedom and the opportunity to sell whatever you like to the whole wide world and you can do it all from your living room. Hospitality businesses can sell takeaway and delivery services. Fitness industry – online workouts, diet programs etc. Beauty businesses – sell your products and DIY courses to help people manage while you’re closed. Are you a muso? How about selling your knowledge offering online classes? There are so many options you could try – sure it might not be sustainable long term but remember this is not going to last forever. These things will get you through and hey – you might even find a profitable little sideline for your current bricks and mortar model!

Our team are ready to help you get your business up and running QUICKLY with a simple website. Contact us for more information.

Social Media

This goes without saying really. While the world are consuming millions of news articles and sharing positive quotes to keep everyone motivated, you could be pushing out your products and services AS WELL as building a base of loyal customers during this time. Social media has for a long time been the ‘window display’ of your online shop (website). Now more than ever you need to be thinking about what your customers and potential customers need from you in the way of communication, products and online connection.

Are you messaging your clients using Messenger or Whatsapp? Are you offering sales through your social media channels? For all of you who said you are too busy to keep your Facebook business page or Instagram accounts up to date, well… now you have no excuses. This is a powerful tool to be using right now. To get really targeted and sell your products and services, try tapping into Facebook & Instagram ads.

Needs some help getting started? Here is a step-by-step course for Facebook & Instagram for Business that will walk you through in 4 easy modules… And you get access to our director in a private Facebook group for 4 weeks.

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Email Marketing

People are in their inboxes… possible more than ever trying to manage their businesses and their people and stay in contact with everyone in their sphere of influence. Connection through online channels has become priority. You can utilise this opportunity to connect with your customers, support them through this time and offer specials and discounts and alternative programs to them through email marketing. You can set up your database on something like Mailchimp or Active Campaign very quickly and easily to send out regular campaigns, OR you can just email people directly if your customer base is more small and intimate. Touching base with them at least once per week right now would be a great way to keep your business moving.

Want help mapping out how this might look for your business? Contact us for more information.