5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Marketing Today

5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Marketing Today

This year has been a little crazy… perhaps that is an understatement. One thing that has come to the forefront for many small business owners is that their digital presence (appearing online) is now more important than every before.

But aside from pandemics, your digital marketing efforts can always support what you do in the offline world of business. In fact, now is the perfect time to take stock of all of your marketing assets and review how professional your business appears online to your potential customers, and how well you are nurturing your loyal followers.

Here’s 5 simple ways you can improve your marketing today:

  1. Commit to being consistent with your marketing – that means having a set schedule for posting on social media (not just when you feel like it), a regular blog post published to your website, emails that get sent on a regular basis and all of your current hours and business information updated across all channels.

  2. Upgrade your website – if it has been more than 2 years since you last touched your website I can almost guarantee it is in need of some lovin’. Your website is built on technology that is always being updated and so your website needs to move with the times. Have a good look through your site in line with your current business position too and ask yourself how you can improve it to better serve your customers and make it easier for people to engage your services, or buy your products.

  3. Check your analytics – on Google and on your social media accounts. If you don’t know the data from your current marketing efforts, how will you know whether or not it is effective? This will also help you to decide on where to focus your future marketing efforts.

  4. Offer your current customers some kind of incentive for their loyalty – how well do you stay connected to your current clients/customers? When was the last time you did something to say ‘thank you’? Brainstorm with your team some ideas to further nurture your current tribe – after all ‘Word of Mouth’ marketing is a powerful tool in your marketing toolkit.

  5. Communicate better with your audience on topics that matter to them – the best way to refine the content you produce and communicate your brand more effectively is to map out all the questions you get asked on a daily basis from your customers. Get a group of friends together and get them to ask you anything about your business and see what they come up with. You’ll have the next months’ content calendar packed full of good ideas in no time!

Marketing is not something you can do once and then forget about. Proactivity in all areas of business are important for growth, progress and profitability. Marketing is often overlooked or put into the ‘I don’t have time’ basket.

Make it a priority for you and your team today. Invest some time and energy into refining how you market your business and watch the positive return you get for yoru efforts.

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to discuss mapping out a more detailed strategy for your business, or if you would like to partner with us to help you manage your marketing.