Crucial Branding Mistakes to Avoid

Crucial Branding Mistakes to Avoid

People always seek advice, clarity and often refer to others for recommendations when deciding on a new major purchase or service provider. I know I asked around for recommendations for a new tax accountant just recently. 

But where did I go first? Yep, I checked out various agents online. I was amazed to see how many were seemingly not investing in their branding! It actually shocked me to see. 

Branding is so important. It not only makes a memorable impression on consumers but it allows customers and clients to know what to expect from your company. It is a way of distinguishing yourself from your competitors and clarifying what it is you offer and ultimately, why you are the better choice.

Brand behavior is how your brand interacts and reacts with real customers in the real marketplace. While your positioning statement may communicate your values and strengths, truly demonstrating them is another matter. 

So here are a few tips on what to avoid with your branding. 

Mistake #1 – Branding is not my job

Sure, as a business owner you have every right to decide which part of the business you concentrate on. But please, please DO NOT ignore branding altogether! The power of a strong brand should not be underestimated. Employ or hire a professional branding expert to assist you with bringing to life your vision for your business. Believe me, it is worth every cent to get this right. Your brand is the first thing people see, often before they even talk to you and certainly before they buy from you. Invest in it and get this right from the start. 

Mistake #2 – Brand design is not important

First impressions count! Your business needs to make a good first impression with prospects, clients, and others. Strong brand design appeals to the consumer’s senses and attracts attention to your marketing materials and activities. It can also enhance the quality of your brand’s message. In short, bad brand design can negatively impact your marketing efforts. 

Mistake #3 – Underfunding

Funding is crucial for launching a comprehensive marketing strategy to ensure a strong foothold in the market. A lack of resources with financing a brand means failure to develop long-term impact, and an inability to communicate with consumers about your business and its uniqueness. 

Mistake #4 – Weak team

The team that works with a brand is a core factor in its success. Behind any business success lies a great team. Ensure your team is aware of the meaning and significance of your vision and mission statements, key messages and what your brand stands for and how to effectively communicate it. 

Mistake #5 – Brand without aim

When the brand exists only for money making, it is lending itself to failure. A powerful brand purpose sets out a company’s heart and soul and has the ability to inspire, move and empower its target audience.