Do You Really Need A Website In 2020?

Do You Really Need A Website In 2020?

I can tell you my short answer is – absolutely! To scale your business, your website is an essential tool in the marketing ecosystem and should work together with your social media and email marketing to create a strong brand presence in the digital space. But that’s not all a great website can do for you!

If you are not well-versed in the field of web technologies or your business is tied to a specific place, do not underestimate the benefits of running your business online. A high-quality website is a way to significantly strengthen your position in the local market and promote your business regardless of location. This can lead to an increase in demand for your services in other cities or perhaps even countries. Hey presto! You can immediately widen your potential customer base when you go online with a great website. 

Not only is a website designed with your business’ individual style, it reflects the company’s image and can represent stability, success, ambition, and confidence in the future. Professionally made resources, free downloads, trendy design, impeccable usability – all of this speaks of the seriousness of your company and respect for your customers.

Despite this, a recent study by GoDaddy revealed 59% of businesses with fewer than 20 employees don’t have websites, with the standout reason as to why, being the cost involved. Well, here are my top reasons for biting the bullet and investing in a great website, that if created and managed well, will likely pay for itself several times over! 

Build brand trust online

Your website introduces your company and unobtrusively explains why you are worthy of the customers trust. It is also far more convenient for your customers and potential new customers to find out information such as your addresses and contact numbers, clarify the terms of delivery and return, or to purchase online. Your visitors can find any information in a few clicks and at any time – day or night! You could literally make sales while you are sleeping. Sounds like a win to me! Which brings me to my next point. 

Selling more online

The internet runs 24/7 unlike your bricks and mortar shop font. This means your customers can browse any time and also purchase anytime. A huge bonus is that you can constantly experiment with your online offering. A well designed website will allow you to easily make changes to products and pricing, update and adapt content along the way. Much easier than a total store re-merch or getting out the pricing gun to change prices, right?

Save your time 

Gosh. don’t we struggle with this battle almost daily as busy business owners? Time is precious and it can easily escape us. That’s why an effective website that is filled with relevant content can help free up your time. Customers often search online first, so give them the answers they need on your website and free up your phone lines. 

Free up your email space too! No more emails of “Where are you located?”, “What time are you open?” and so on. Your website should be designed to easily provide customers with this information and answers to their most common questions. 

There are several additional benefits to running your business with a well designed and functional website. If you would like to know more, contact us.