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Understanding the Marketing Mix: The 4Ps Explained

When you consult the 4 Ps in terms of your marketing, this will help you to formulate a plan to reach your customers. Framing your marketing around this concept will help you to understand what your competition is up to and what your customers are wanting from you.

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The Importance of Mental and Physical Availability for Brand Growth

The key to your brand’s success is making sales, and in order to make these sales we need to consider the following: are your customers thinking of your brand, and are they able to access your brand when thinking of it in a buying situation? This is referred to as mental and physical availability and forms the basis on which brands compete.

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Digital Marketing

What Does Living In the Digital Age Mean For Your Business in 2021?

If you have ever heard the term ‘digital age’ you may have wondered how that relates to you, the small business owner. You may not be interested in producing an app for your business, or implementing a fully automated customer management system run by bots…. So what does the digital age mean for you?

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