How to Succeed on the largest Social Networks in the World

4 Step-by-step Modules + Support ONLY $79 (SALE)

Learn at your own PACE

Facebook and Instagram have emerged as the leading platforms to effectively communicate with your ideal audience.

Think of these platforms as a big online shopping centre. You just need to know how to get the attention of the millions who hang out online every day.

This workshop will take you through the basics of running a business page on Facebook and Instagram, and help you understand how to use these platforms to market more effectively (rather than just posting pretty pictures).

This 4-module workshop will cover the following topics:
  • Setting clear goals for your advertising
  • Optimizing your Facebook presence
  • Facebook Profile/Page/Group
  • How to get your posts seen by more people without paying for it
  • Growing your following
  • Using Facebook to send traffic to your website/landing page/get enquiries
  • Starting with Instagram
  • Instagram Strategy to grow and send traffic to your business
  • Understanding the data available to you to make better decisions
  • How to create effective posts that your prospects will respond to
  • Step-by-step to creating engaging Instagram Stories
  • Apps to help you create posts, and schedule


Beginner to Intermediate


REDUCED: $79 – Includes 4 Modules, Weekly Support & Downloadable Guides

Who is this workshop for? 

Everyone who wants to start or improve on how they use Facebook and Instagram to grow a business and generate more revenue. This is especially designed for beginners or those who are not getting the results they desire on these platforms. We will start with the basics and progressively get deeper into the topic.

Do you need to have any previous knowledge?

When you sign up, you will receive a starter pack that gives you an outline of how the course will run and step by step instructions on how to access the membership platform to watch the videos. As long as you have a standard internet connection, you can do this course.

This is designed to be done at a weekly pace – but you can choose! The general structure for the course:

  • You will have a recorded 1 hour video each week where I will walk you through the lesson showing you how to do everything on my screen (you will be able to see my screen).
  • For each session you will receive a downloadable worksheet and homework for the week
  • You will be added to a Facebook group where you can ask questions throughout the week
  • You will need to submit your homework to me before the next weeks’ module opens so that I can offer feedback.
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Praise for This Course

The best beginners course I have ever had. Sharni is so good at explaining everything is an easy-to-understand way, and the support and feedback in the Facebook group added so much value.


From Sharni-Marie's class, I have refined my target market and have a focus about what I post on FB and IG. Also, I have learned how to quantify the results so I can learn and improve my strategy. Thank you ! I'm already getting more views on my biz page than I did previously for months on end. Can't wait for level 2!


Such an awesome course!
Do yourself a favour and jump on and let Sharni-Marie show you the ins and outs of running a business with social media!


The Possibilities

Are Endless