Benefits of Google Ads

  • Audience Reach Millions of people use the Internet. This allows you to show your ads to a large number of people.
  • Hitting the target audience. Ads are shown according to specific user queries that reflect their interest in your product or service. The audience can be targeted by time, regions and cities, interests and other parameters.
  • Convenient for the user. Contextual advertising is a great way of presenting information that does not annoy people:
    • shown only in response to a user’s direct search query or according to his interests;
    • contains only basic information about the offer;
    • one can immediately click on the ad and visit the website and then make a purchase if the user is interested in the product.
    • many people continue to see contextual advertising as an element of organic delivery and trust it.
  • You pay only for the result – clicks on ads.
  • Quick start. The first calls and orders come a couple of days later after the launch.
  • Profound results tracking. Analytics tools will allow you to instantly achieve not only the main KPIs for your business (revenue, profit, etc.) but also know the behavioral characteristics of your website visitors (how customers make purchases, how long it takes them to choose a product, etc.). This will increase investment efficiency.