What To Do With All That Worry – 3 Ways To Use It Wisely

What To Do With All That Worry – 3 Ways To Use It Wisely

Worry is a pretty normal reaction to what is going on globally right now. We will all experience it at various degrees throughout the last few weeks and potentially will experience more as the weeks to come unfold. There is something very important to realise right now about worry or anxiety that I have learnt from years of mindset coaching. Worry and anxiety base themselves on things that have not yet happened. Without referencing the future (and the bad stuff that ‘could’ happen) worry has nothing to hold onto.

As a business owner there are a whole variety of ‘what ifs’ that are probably floating around in your mind right now, with the uncertainty of how long this is going to go on for only adding fuel to the fire inside your head.

It get it. But right now, it is important to recognise that steeping yourself in a cup of helplessness is not helpful at all.

Worry can actually become an amazing tool when used correctly. Sounds crazy I know, but I want to show you how to turn your nerves into motivation that could actually move your business forward during tumultuous times that will surpass what you may have achieved in the calmer days we have had previously.

Put All That Emotional Energy Into Boosting Creativity

Use the energy you are using to worry and shift it over into construction phase and funnel it into creativity. Emotional energy is not infinite – realise this. You can actually wear yourself out with worry.

However, emotional energy when used purposefully is a powerful driver of action. Worry will cause you to shut down and feel disarmed and disempowered as a business owner. You will look at the unknowns and feel like you are helpless. ‘What’s the point?’ you may ask yourself (yep – that has gone through my head a few times, honestly).

The energy that you are burning can be put to better use. The first thing is to recognise all the things you are worried about – write them down so that you can visually look at it all. Most of the time the giants are much bigger in our heads than they are in reality. The battle is first won in you mind.

Now write what you do know about your business as it stands today. What can you do right now? How can you continue forward movement despite the circumstances?

Here’s some questions to ask yourself right now:

  1. What is it I am actually worried about right now?
  2. How do you want to be perceived as showing up during a time like this?
  3. What can I control in my business today?
  4. What are all the things I have been putting off due to being too busy previously that I can action in my business this week that will build a much stronger business on the other side of this crisis?

Show Up For Others and Lead The Field

Understand that you are not the only one who is worried – shift your thinking from your own business or life circumstances to that of your clients or potential customers.

Become a leader in your industry by showing up in a big way for others. Understand what they are worrying about and start to map out new strategies to meet people where they are at right now. Use this opportunity to present your business as a life raft that will support them through the stormy seas and get them safely to shore. This sets your business up as a hero in the market place and we all know from every blockbuster movie ever produced by Hollywood – these are the brands who will be remembered long after the crisis is over.

Here’s a few questions you can ask around this right now:

  1. What is it that your current clients need more than ever right now?
  2. What are you uniquely positioned to offer that serves this need?
  3. How do you need to adjust your current marketing strategy to position yourself correctly during this time to stand out?

Now Is The Best Time To Test New Ideas

Recognise a lot of the worry is based on the idea that you have no idea what is going to happen in the next few months or even the next couple of years. The interesting thing about this is that none of us ever really do. However, we use our previous successes to forecast the future successes and continuous growth is usually based on everything we did in the past. This is the confidence we have developed in our businesses that is now being shaken. It is all a bit of an illusion really as you can never really ever solidly predict the future.

This type of risk management locks you into a pattern, a habit in your business that becomes ‘business as usual.’ There are of course many benefits to running you business like this which I align with. However it becomes quite hard to step outside of what you have been previously doing and test new products or services for fear that the risk will not bring about the reward. During a time of disruption, pivoting is a much easier process. With change comes great opportunity. So use it wisely!

Here’s a couple of questions to ask yourself right now:

  • What are the top three things I have always wanted to trial through my business but have not had the chance or confidence to do so?
  • How can these new ideas penetrate the current marketplace quickly using technology available right now (bearing in mind everyone is online at the moment!)?
  • How can I use these new ideas to really support the overall vision of helping others through and leading the field in my industry?

The most noble thing you can do right now is to keep showing up. If that is all the courage you can muster, that will suffice. Make an agreement with yourself and your team that no matter what you will not back down and go into hiding for fear of the future. Know that your business must make some changes but celebrate the opportunity to do so. Remember that creativity often finds its power in the most challenging of moments.