Why Do I Need To Sort Out My Brand, Where Is The Other Sock And Other Difficult To Answer Questions

Why Do I Need To Sort Out My Brand, Where Is The Other Sock And Other Difficult To Answer Questions

Why do I need to nail my brand? 

It is that sort of darn question that sits right up there with; where is the other sock? Arghh! 

I blame the branding and advertising industry of the 80’s.

Whoo! It was 1987. It was on. There were lots of out of work film makers that flocked to the cash flushed ad industry and boom! Storytelling became a thing in ads and later in branding.

Only, many agencies got on the band wagon and didn’t really master the art of narrative.

What happened was branding became all about the BRAND as hero and not the CUSTOMER as hero. It meant it was all about selling and not about community building (add culture building)…and add ‘not that interesting’.

In short branding took on the notion of transaction not transformation.

The ancient and proven art of story telling is in fact about relatable stories that help us become better people.

What does this mean for me and why are you telling me this Heera?!

Glad you asked.

98% percent of people in business don’t know how to access the real value of their brand. (No wonder most people find it dry and boring to work on their brand. Who wants to deal in transaction when you could deal in transformation right?)

98% of people in business think brands are a logo, a style/feel and off you go. Just keep it consistent. Canva will do. 

98% of people don’t know that brands have the power to change your customers lives providing the very structure your customers need to make the journey with you.

Whether that is better accounting, so they have more control over their life or improved fencing, so they can get on and build their farming business and take holidays with their family…more customers ‘get it’ and more choose you to help them with that journey…if you can sort out your brand narrative and make it about their story.

We want you in the 2%, positioned as market leader and right where the most successful brands are, hello Apple! We want you in the household name category not not in the forgotten category.

I cannot help you find the other sock, I am still looking for it myself. But know that resolving your brand will result in more customers knowing why to choose you. And plenty of reasons to stay with you for life.

Have a great brand building week. 

[Guest post written by brand expert Heera Ananda from Brand Tomorrow]

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