Why Good Design is Great for Business

Why Good Design is Great for Business

There are so many facets of running a business these days that it is hard to focus on what really matters, at times. And now with the accessibility of so much information provided by the internet, it can be even more confusing. Where do you focus your efforts to get the best returns? What do you invest in and what methods should you be using to market your business?

In this process, good graphic design is an area that is easily overlooked.

When internet technologies were first introduced, and in the early years of internet marketing, a lot of good design practise was forgone in favour of functionality. But as these technologies advance year on year, there is more and more scope for creativity and quality finishes that the early designers and developers would have dreamed about.

Big Brands Use Amazing Graphic Design

Today, when you begin to think about influential brands, advertising you come across as you are browsing online, pages you follow, or businesses you interact with, you will notice that majority of them have professional, modern designs, quality images, logos, and colour palettes to suit. These elements are what make them distinguishable against their competitors, and prominent in your memory. This ‘brand image’ comes back to great design and is helping those businesses significantly with their overall marketing influence and market reach.

Online marketing is not too different when it comes to the basic principles that are applied than that of traditional marketing. Graphic artists use precise colours, imagery, moods, and typefaces to communicate the message of your business. The colours, layouts, logos, and images that were traditionally created for your business cards, letter heads, brochures and signage need to be translating to online channels for things such as your website, your social media channels, and even the signature you use in your emails. The quality and the design of these aspects of your business presentation are a direct reflection on how people view and relate to you as a business.

Design and Video Marketing

Skilled graphic design is also translating across into the realm of video marketing, with it being estimated that in 2017, video content will represent up to 74% of all Internet traffic. Another report stated that four times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it.

Here’s a few points to consider:

Design communicates when words perhaps don’t. Good design transcends cultural and language challenges. First impressions matter. For those of you starting out, or focussing on growing your business, good design is key to impressing new prospects.

Your business “image” or “branding” needs to be consistent across all channels – both on and offline. We call these ‘customer touch points’ and It shouldn’t matter where your brand is being viewed, it should be communicating the same message and this is done through the graphics you use (along with the content/message you are communicating).

Alliteration of good graphic design across all aspects of your marketing strategy communicates professionalism, but more importantly leaves a lasting impression.

Good design tells the story of your business. Everything you do visually should be reflecting who you are, what you do and what you can offer. Story telling is a very powerful tool in marketing these days, and visual tools are statistically the most effective.

As with fashions, graphic design is constantly evolving. The design you had developed and created for your business five years ago is probably looking fairly outdated today. Outdated design can hinder your business as it gives your customer the impression that you are no longer progressive and that you no longer care about your business.

If you are thinking about moving into video marketing, it is important to take into account good editing and a quality finish, just like you would if you were having a magazine advert created.

When did you last update your “look”? Is it time for a new wardrobe when it comes to your business branding?