Why Your Business Should Be On LinkedIn

Why Your Business Should Be On LinkedIn

When you hear the term ‘social media marketing’ what comes to mind? Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? What about LinkedIn?

There is a common misconception around LinkedIn that it is only useful for employees and job seekers. But social media is constantly changing and the way that businesses utilise these platforms to market themselves is changing too.

LinkedIn is fast becoming one of our most successful platforms for building quality connections and brands for many of our current clients.

It is so much more than just an employment marketplace! With over 660 million professionals using the platform across the globe in 2021, LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for lead generation and to connect with your target market and other businesses for mutual benefit. It is an opportunity to share your brand’s story, to engage with your followers, share opportunities, and scale your word-of-mouth marketing.

So how can your company benefit from a LinkedIn company page?

  • Share your brand: On LinkedIn you can continually update your company profile to ensure connections are receiving current information about your business. It is a great way to provide a brief but professional introduction of your brand to potential clients, employees, and business connections.
  • Improve your brand’s transparency: This platform gives business connections and potential clients a unique insight into your brand as the only social media platform that focuses majorly on the faces behind the brand.
  • Stay in the loop: Stay up to date with what is happening in the market by following other company pages. Your newsfeed will allow you to stay connected and identify opportunities for your brand. This works the other way around as well, allowing you to keep your brand relevant in the eyes of potential clients, candidates, and business connections.
  • Networking: LinkedIn is a great platform to introduce yourself to and receive introductions from other people and businesses. When making connections, there is the option to choose from first, second and third degree connections, to easily research businesses and build relationships that can help your brand grow.
  • SEO: LinkedIn profiles are automatically ranked with high optimisation on Google. This means that just by having a LinkedIn profile your business will appear higher on the Google results page when people search for your business or business category. High positioning on Google is crucial, after all, how often do you scroll through to the third, fourth, or even fifth page of Google results?
  • Find new candidates: In addition to just posting your job opening on LinkedIn, there are several other ways to find new talent for your business on the platform. The advanced search tool, the suggested connections, and that analytics that show you who has viewed your profile are all beneficial pathways to fill your open position.
  • Track your competitors: Visit the pages of your competitors, noting employee transitions and their social media content strategy to help identify trends and growth and talent acquisition opportunities for your business.

Make sure that your business is taking full advantage of social media by creating a LinkedIn business profile today!

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