One Solution to Many Business Problems

One Solution to Many Business Problems

I see it almost every week in conversations I have with business owners. It doesn’t seem to matter whether they are selling products or offer services… the one’s who are frustrated, struggling and worn out seem to have the same issue.

Well… of course at the surface in the conversation they possibly front up with many issues ranging from staffing, cash-flow, lead generation, compliance, etc etc but the one commonality is this.

Understanding. Or perhaps the word ‘clarity’ is more appropriate.

They all are lacking a certain level of clarity around these three things:

  1. Who they are (as a business or brand)
  2. Who their ideal customer is (who actually sees value in their brand)
  3. What products or services they should be selling specifically for these clients

And the biggest downside to not having any clarity around these three key strategic pieces is that they then lack confidence to go out and market themselves effectively.

If this is you, you know exactly what I am talking about.

When you are asked what you do, you fumble around for a pocketful of words that sound half-intelligent, delivering them under your breath and leave the receiver a little unnerved about continuing the conversation with you. When asked what your products or services are, there is a list so long that comes to mind that you end up pulling out the ‘tailored’ packages or ‘I’ll get you a quote’ response.

Everything feels muddy, a little unprofessional and then your marketing becomes the mirror that reflects it all and further amplifies the confusion.

That is why we believe so strongly in focusing first on strategy when it comes to your developing a marketing plan. It is the one solution that your business almost definitely needs (otherwise you would not have still been reading this 😉 ) Don’t just jump in and swim around in the mud hoping to find the crystal clear waters of utopia – a.k.a business success.

Strategy gives you the understanding you need first to then go and shout your message from the rooftops in such a way that the audience who are tuned to your offering will hear and understand you loud and clear.

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